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I've been teaching piano in Bristol for over 5 years and have been performing and recording as a gigging session musician for over 15 years, appearing on hundreds of tracks spanning Jazz, Funk, Soul, Pop, Breakbeat, Classical and Contemporary music. I am the current keyboard player for the UK Funk outfit Haggis Horns and I've previously worked in Hollywood for composer Hans Zimmer and orchestrated Jazz and Classical music for Nigel Kennedy and his Orchestra of Life. I love to share my experience with learners of all musical tastes and abilities.

Playing music develops confidence, self-expression, co-ordination and listening skills. My aim is to create a relaxed environment for finding, exploring and developing your preferred methods of learning, whether it be playing by ear, theoretical, or just learning tips and tricks. In your first lesson you can play the piano, discuss your musical goals and how I can help you to achieve them in a fun and informal way.


Lessons are available at a range of times throughout the day and evening on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s although other times can be arranged if this isn’t suitable. Lessons can be as long as you like, and as often as you like, putting you in control of the cost.

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